times up.session done.

.but..  I’ve not unravelled, come undone.

.darkness engulfs me again, ’til next time.

.i hide.i cry inside.

.do you see me?

.small child butterfly.

.Your kaleidoscope eyes..

.can almost feel your thoughts piercing my veins, seeking, exploring..

.i dont hide.

.I’m hidden.

.you see me?.

n o


.feel the distortion..

.can you?.

.its in my veins, my head and even as i write.

.do you see it?.

.its twisting and contorting.


.You, see a trickster! Hear the laughter, feel.. a cold, shiver.

.i feel it too you know..

.cold veins, entwining my fire.


.how do i breathe?.

.master of masters cannot see.


~ Shae



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