just writing. lol

 i am babysitting my babies today. i cant wait till i get my teeth. i hope everything goes good with them and that i can ware them good.

and eat anything with them. and be able to chew gum. today is jounaling tuesday. so i have already worked in my wreck this journal-journal.

im just not in the mood to work in my junk journals right now. i just ate some good ole scrambled eggs with ketchup on them,

i havent had any like that in a while. lol they was good too. i got to fix up the shoebox gift for my angle tree girl today. im exsided that will be fun.

and i need to start wraping christmas gifts too. i got a new printer yesterday, its a wireless one. thats neet now i can start printing off some

coupons and start beinging an extream couponer. lol cant wait.

until next time,


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