my week.


tuesday, wed., thursday and friday night we had vacation bible school at our church. we had had fun and some good food too. lol

i had the baby nursrey with a helper every night. and yes my tooky that i babysit was in there for the first 2 nights

along with the helpers baby girl and two little twin boys. but then my sweet tooky got sick and could not come the last 2 nights of it.

sunday after sunday school we all went to the park and had our vbs. picnic that we always have at the end of vbs week.

so that was fun and good food too. lol

yesterday monday, i did my tape-paling, and checked my aol email. i only had a letter from one of my e-mail-pals.

i dont know whats wrong with the other 2 i have not got an e-mail from them in a while now. oh well.

i was behind on my days of our lives soap, but i finily got caught up yesterday.

and it had been a while sence i watched a dallas show too so i did that too yesterday.

and watched some more of my youtube videos that i am also behind on. im trying my best to get caught up with them too.

so today was journaling tuesday.

i worked on my little mini junk journal skeching in it.

and i worked on my big junk journal.

and i worked on my life story pic. journal.

and now im writing to u open diary.

next im going to watch my 2 shows days of our lives and dallas.

and then watch some more youtube videos.

then i will read some before i go to bed.

but we also have company coming in tonight at 12:30 mygirls best friend is coming for the 4th. of july.

and our best friends her mom and dad is coming in sat. to spend the weekend with us.

i cant wait for tomorrow it is crafty wed. lol

until next time,


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