this week.


i been working on the shoebox gift for the angle tree girl i got. she is 8 years old and her name is cierra. she likes pink and hello kitty

and wants a watch. so i took a shoebox and painted it all blue. in it i have put a hello kitty shirt that i bought her. 3 diffrent sets of

hello kitty stickers. one has a activity set for the stickers. a hello kitty watch that i bought her. i bought her all the stickers too.

and i got her some beads and cord, so she can make some things. and i made her a bookmark out of some beads and ribbon of hello kitty

and put it in a pretty little bag that has butterflys on it. i also fixed her up another pretty little bag of little trinkets and things like some marbles,

an eraiser, some of my hello kitty ribbon. and other things. i got her a little notepad that is shaped like a purse in the shoebox. and i mad her

a little journal out of a little box and some t-paper rolls and named it cierras journal. then i have also made her another little book out of

scrapbook paper. my aunt bill is writing her a little story about dogs that im going to type up and put in this little book. then im going to decorate

the shoebox with some scrapbooking paper and stickers and embellishments. and take it back to wal-mart. oh im also going to write her a letter

and put in the shoebox with all the gifts. i hope she likes all of it.






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