I need more money to afford my life

My older daughter broke our dog’s leg by throwing him down on the hard ground outside when she was pissed at him…  god knows what the dog did to her…  and we got stuck with a $3700 bill for a doggie ER visit, surgery, recovery, and drugs.  Add on a $85 per week visit charge to change his bandage and get more drugs, and we’ll be up to $4000 by the time his pins and immobilization rods come out in 4 weeks.  Ain’t that peachy?

I’m so pissed at my daughter, but what am I gonna say?  She has anger management issues that need to be solved.  Guess what that means?  A weekly visit with a psychologist for $135 (and NOT covered by my employer’s crappy-ass insurance).  Add that up over a year and you get $7020.00 for the yearly cost to talk about your feelings.  Wheeeeee… the money keeps flying out of our bank account.  I guess the alternative is to let her spend our money by breaking things, causing us to spend money on repairs.  Ultimately, she could burn the house down, killing the dog & destroying all of our things, and f*ck us royally.  That would NOT be good.

I wouldn’t mind all this money outlay so much, but…  we can hardly afford to save anything as it is now.  With monthly mortgage payments (1st and 2nd mortgages) of over $4000 + a $500 per month cost to heat the house in the winter and cool the house in the summer + monthly phone, cable, internet, cell phones, computers, TiVo boxes, car insurance, life insurance, disability insurance & after-school care + a $4000 final payment for summer camp due April 1, I’m not sure if it’s possible to save any money.  Taxes keep going up…  costs of everyday items keep going up…  the kids keep wanting more video games and clothes and stuff…  and we NEED at least 1 yearly vacation to get away from the insanity of everyday life.

I’m glad that both my wife and I have a job right now.  Otherwise, we might just have to move to a state where things cost less.  Oh wait… that’s IF we can sell our house for enough money to cover the $300K left on the mortgages.  Yeah, right, like houses are selling in New York unless they’re severely discounted off what they are worth.  I’m not selling for cheap, that’s for sure.

I wish I could wake up from this nightmare and go back to my cushy life of several years ago.  Ahh well.  The hourglass doesn’t get turned over for a do-over.  Gotta keep moving forward.



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December 18, 2010

I’m sorry, but you don’t NEED a vacation. You want one. Likewise, you don’t NEED the tivo, the cell phones, the clothes, the video games, or the summer camp for the kids. I’m sorry there’s money issues right now, but it sounds like there are more pressing personal issues going on.

December 19, 2010

Give your daughter up for adoption. It’s not too late.