Il Doctore Philippe

I watch Dr. Phil because it makes my life look better.  Some of those people on that show have worse problems than I do.  LOL

By contrast, I hate watching Undercover Boss because it makes me pissed off.  My company executives need to watch that show and get a clue instead of asking us to do more with less all the time.  How about a raise in salary?  No?  OK, it’s only been 2+ years.  Review?  Haha…  that’s not even in their vocabulary.  They probably think that if an employee gets a review, he/she will need to get a raise in salary…  god knows that they don’t wanna do THAT.  F*ckers.

Soccer and hockey are the 2 sports that I like to watch.  They both have mostly constant action…  especially soccer, where there are no commercial breaks for 45 minutes at a time.  Thank goodness ESPN puts English Premier League games on on Saturday mornings, and Fox Soccer Channel has a bunch more throughout the weekend.  The MLS Soccer season is over for now, so I’m following Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur teams in the EPL.

I don’t feel like writing much more right now…  got lots of things to do since it’s Saturday…  already did most of the cleaning around the house, and now I gotta go food shopping and restock the fridge.  Yay, shopping, woo.  *ack*


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November 27, 2010

Yeah … your right.(: