Getting settled in the new school year.

I am thankful for in person learning this school year. It had been a year and a half since I’ve had a break. The first week or 2 I was so tired and I was able to get some rest. I was depressed, it will come and go. I can deal with that. I cut my medication back by50mg, a day. So now I take 100mg not 150mg. I didn’t tell my doctor, I have a physical on the 27th, maybe I will tell him then.

the kids are enjoying school. Tucker seems to be doing well with his new support person.   Tucker learns best if the person who is helping doesn’t talk too much. There is a thin line. He likes them to be excited, but not too excited, to be teaching him.  He likes a good challenge. He was working with a partner on a project. That partner got the call to the office. The principal invited him to stay home for the next 10 days.  You know, COVID tracing. Tucker has had to do the project with a partner. He was very pleased with himself for completing the project.

Morgan is so happy to be around friends. She has missed the social aspect of school.  She is most happy to be in Vocal music as well as Orchestra.  She is at the gym 3 eves a week.  She is a very busy kid. Last night she made the comment, “I bet you like that I am so busy that I have no time to spend online.”  I told her I like for her to participate in events than simply watching someone else do it on YouTube or tic-too . She was feeling accomplished.  Her muscles hurt a lot from having to gain strength that she lost while caring for her ankle.

as for me, I am ready to go outside and do a early fall cleanup. Yes, I do like that kid of work. 😍

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