Life takes a bite, twice in a week.

Poor Tucker cannot return to school until the 23rd. That is next Thursday. twice this weekend i have been quarentined for exposure to COVID 19.  I sure hope there isnt a set back in his learning. i sure ope there isnt a set back socially.  which is ironic seeing he has tendencies to be a loner. The school encourages him to form relationships with students.  helikes to havelunch by himself.  they now havehim seated with a small group.  2 different exposures, 2days apart.

i noticed that the hand sanitizer is gone from mostplaces that had them set outspecial.  Hand washing is the most important way to keep from getting COVID 19. your hands touch all days long.mostall thingsyou touch were touched before you and after you.  Just wash your hands often. stay back from others, let them have their bubble, and you yours!

I have to cancel the housekeeper this week.  i am going to tell her that i dont need her any longer.  i dont want outsiders coming in. she cleans others homesand i dont need their germs invited into my home.  once the virus is more under control i will hire a housekeeper, again. For now, i need to do my own work. I will have most days while thekids are in school to work on cleaning.

i am so so tired.  Time for sleep.



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