Moving Forward

After being in a huge depression for a couple weeks….errrrr….I have been in a funk for most the summer, but I am feeling a lot better today.  I haven’t spoken to N. nor seen him since that night.  I have seen the kids and talked with them. Great group of kids.

I was invited over friends last Saturday and I accepted.  We went over around 11:30 am.  They have a 22 ft. round pool. The kids LOVE to swim, as do I. The kids swam before lunch, and after  I bet they swam for 4 hours. Its sad that summer is almost over and this was T.’s first swim of the summer. He had those ingrown toenails cut out and he is just now healed to the point I felt safe letting him swim.

My friend M. made some Italian potato salad.  It looked like it would taste good but it was very bland. She hadn’t made this before.  I ate the small amount I took.  I think it needed garlic. and some salt.  other than that the meal was yummie. all fresh veggies from her garden.  M. really has a green thumb and grows great flowers and veggies.

After lunch and clean up, everyone went in the pool.  we played silly games with the kids. Water is so grounding. I feel so much better.  So it was a nice afternoon and we came home around 5 pm. we were all tired out like being in the water makes you feel. we watched a movie and later had a light dinner. It was a good weekend.

Now it’s time for school shopping. I need to buy or rent a cello. T. is wanting to make music.  M. and I went supply shopping, and bought her cheerleader shoes.  That M. she would be busy 7 days a week with a sport if I could afford her to play that This semester so far she is doing her gymnastic class. She loves going to the gym. She loves being able to move her body and use her muscles.   I have to get T. registered for  A martial arts class. He really wants to try it. I need to step back and let him. It’s hard. I love these kids.

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