Seriously!! I think spring has finallyarrived.

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72 degrees today.  Its suppose to be in the 60’s for highs all next week.  I am over the moon happy that I can get outside and work in the yard. The lawn will need mowing sometime in the next week.  at least parts of it will. I have flowers opening, daffodils , the tulips are going to burst open in the next day or two.  It really chases the winter blues away. I have to remember not to get too much exposure.

M has a cough. She coughs about every 10 seconds at the longest. her chest is hurting,  she has pain between her shoulder blades. I have given her Musinx , nebulizer treatments, steamed her in the bathroom.  i have had her increase her fluids.  I took her to the doctor today.The doctor and i talked. M also is having some trouble swallowing liquids. She will choke when taking a drink, sometimes. Almost , if not, daily.  The doctor ordered a swallow study. They will be calling me with the time and place.  oh lord, I sure pray there isn’t something going on that is going to cause her a lot of trouble.  Shes a smart and athletic. Something I also forgot to mention is that she has been complaining of stomach aches frequently. She IS growing so fast now. She just went through a growth spurt.  53 inches tall and 62 pounds. She has a long slim build.

T, M, and I were party animals this past weekend!!!  Friday night was Etta’s birthday. Her party was at the bowling ally.  They bowled, had pizza, and cake and ice cream.  It was a Unicorn party so everyone wore a unicorn headband.  Etta turned 4. Etta is one of my grand-daughters.  On Saturday was Josslyn’s birthday party. She had her party at a gymnastic faciality.  There were at least 20 kids and at least one parent per kid.  Oh my it was loud. T had a melt down and I still don’t know why. He has Autism Spectrum Disorder.  The older he becomes the worse the melt down. We are working really hard on appropriate reactions, and keep our hands to our self.  The party was fun and we ate hot dogs and chips, and had cake.  Sunday was Easter and my step mother, PaPa and his mother came for dinner. I didn’t feel like cooking anything fancy

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