The little things.

the little things, like a picture or two. It helps you recall a fun time in life.  can do the opposite also. These today made me feel warm, calm, and happy.

another little thing today. M looks at me and say that she knows a lot of places make pizza and some are really good.  and she went on to say, your pizza is the best. I smiled and thanked her. I told I will make one as soon as she can eat something more than toast, ice cream, and a little bowl of cereal ( she isn’t even finishing that).   It really meant the world to me. She is a kind human.

I need to engage more with T. He prefers to be in his room. Many children with Autism like to be alone. I will make a point of spending an hour or more with him. He and I can start going through his toys to decide what will be kept, donated or trashed. also some for sale. I don’t know if he is ready to do that. I think he is. He will let me know if he is not. He loves to be tucked into bed and I sing twinkle twinkle  little star. He is 11. I have been singing to him since he was 3. I love this time. He uses it to tell me about things he is thinking about during the day.

M will be difficult to get to let go of her things. She lost everything when her mom let her storage unit go to auction. All of their toys were in there. She can almost not even throw away paper. shes on her way to being a hoarder. I have to go in there when she is in school to clean up her things.  I will be gentle with her.

Today is my grandson’s birthday. J lives in Georgia with his mom, dad, and 3 brothers. he is second oldest and he is now 12. I phoned him. We talked for a few minutes. I love him. I took care of his older brother, while J was being born. Bonus is I was able to see each brother’s response  to meet the new baby brother.

So, it is the little things. They add up to so much love! Today was a great day.

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