When it Rains?..

Well, today Abigail had to be taken by ambulance to the hospital , for chest pain. She is 34 years old, will be 35 in November.  She had been in the hospital twice last month for her lungs and they determined she was having congestive heart failure. I wasn’t surprised.

I think her lifestyle has caught up with her. Drinking, smokes cigs and other drugs. I have her kids because she’s an addict. I’ve had them 9 years. Morgan doesn’t remember when she lived with her mom and dad. I told her maybe that’s not a bad thing.

it’s so difficult with Abbie, everything is difficult. I just don’t understand her need to use the drugs and drink, and I don’t understand why she won’t leave her bf that beats her. All of this is causing me lots of stress, which I have enough of.

im feeling so depressed. It’s not hard to get things accomplished here if the kids are home. I am finding with them going to school that I don’t do much. It’s like I can’t get my butt to n gear.  I’m thinking I need to get out with friends some. It’s been a long time, mostly because I have the kids and….well….COVID.

im going to try walking 3 mornings a week and see if that helps with my mood. I hope so.

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September 13, 2021

😲☹️ hugs.