Another heartbreak

Today my love cheated on me. He broke my trust. He cracked my heart.

We were in a relationship for more than 6months. He knew that I don’t like breaking relationships. My family behaviour taught me not to break anyone’s heart . I know the feeling of heartbreak.

Yesterday night was all fine. I was thinking to start …oh sorry! We were planning to start a new life together . But he broke my trust. Today I found his S*X chats with other girl.

We were so happy together before. Whenever I felt bad he was just there to hold me to be with me. Was it all fake “chiko”? Yeah! I used to call him by this name. I used to love him so much… unconditionally .

We made a plan. That after getting job we will stay together far from my home and will be real happy. Smiling is not allowed in my home.

I was feeling sick yesterday night. So I decided to sleep early. Just because I slept early he needed someone else for his Hunger. He didn’t think of me. I don’t know he did this only yesterday or he used to do this back my back. I’m feeling again weak. He made me weaker. My every hope of surviving is dying. I’m feeling very very…..

I can’t forgive him . I just can not. He broke my trust and now it’s over. He might be thinking because my family behaves bad with me… I’ll be needed him and I will contact him.

Yes I am weaker. But I will again stand alone.

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August 13, 2020

I know the cheating was a blow to you but you will be alright. You may be standing alone but you stand strong. Truthfully you don’t need him and someone better will come along, you don’t need to be with a guy like that.

August 14, 2020

Even after all that he is not feeling guilty. He just messaged me that he was not wrong , it was just for fun, I’m behaving awkward ,I am wrong. I don’t know what to do. I feel like I’m losing my mind.