It wasn’t enough

Being cheated is the worst feeling. It feels like I am not good enough . My love was so weak. My fate is so bad. Started feeling like I was the reason behind cheating. I was unable to give him love,care. So he needed someone else to be happy. I was trying my best . Somehow I felt like I didn’t put my 100% effort. I cared. I loved. I supported. He cheated. My efforts wasn’t enough. I am not looking good enough. My body seems bad. Can’t face the mirror.

It was not his fault . It was mine. My efforts weren’t enough . Our bond was weak. I was unable to satisfy his ….mood. Its true. Why did I sleep that day so early that he needed someone else for his hunger?! I shouldn’t do that. Maybe I go to the past and change… But what if he did it later one day.

He badly apologized. I was feeling very bad when he was crying on call and asking for a chance. I couldn’t hold back my tears. I am so broken and cheated that I am in hatred with love. I dont feel like loved. We can start it all over. But I can’t do it anymore. I can’t make him feel happy. I can’t love him like before.

Whenever I close my eyes, I see him with someone else. I think he has done with me. Every one has right to choose …. to taste new flavours. He also needed that. It’s fine. Maybe our journey was upto there. He might find someone better. But my love was unconditional . One day he will surely regret and feel He lost his diamond while collecting stones.

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August 18, 2020

“ok, rule number one. if a man cheats on you, fuck his entire family and his friends”

August 18, 2020

that comment was a joke, ok so seriously, i would look into why you think he cheated and why he says he cheated. because theres many factors that can go into cheating, it could have been distance, emotional, sexual, novelty etc. It 78% of the time has nothing to do with the partner getting cheated on so stop that woe is me crap. Woe is him, hes in the dog house, he fucked up, you gotta shove HIS nose in the spot on the carpet he pissed on. Let this embolden and empower you, even though i know it sucks.

Also, it wont be like before, which sucks. But nothing really stays the same, even love.

but yeah, figure out what kind of cheating it was and focus on that and how that makes you feel first.

August 20, 2020

The cheating type… It was just because I wasn’t enough for him. Boys need a lot of girls around them. As he said this. bloodyboyband you already gave so many points on cheating reason. We were in a long distance relationship. I didn’t force him for it. He asked. Maybe the distance, physical desire. I did my best by all of me . But it wasn’t enough.