Reason behind his Cheating

Yes were in a long distance relationship where love exists. Many told me not to be in it. But I believed in love . I think it wasn’t the distance. Because with whom he cheated doesn’t stay close of him. I’d rather be happy if it is the distance. But it wasn’t. He told me that “Boys feels that only girl isn’t enough for them,they need more ” and he thinks I should respect that. But I just wanted someone who feels I’m enough. My family taught me not to break anyone’s heart because my did the same. I know the feeling. I’ve given him a chance in friendship. But he feels that he may talk to girl as a friend. He just can’t get apart from her. He needs her not me. I can’t be enough for anyone maybe.

I just needed someone for whom I am enough . Maybe that sounds foolish because in our modern time one can have many girls for love. Maybe I am wrong.

I just can’t talk about that it. I feel betrayed. I feel bad. I can’t forget about that. This chance means nothing because I’m not feeling like before. This relationship based on trust. He pulled out the trust from this relationship. I don’t know what to say and how to feel.

Every minute I feel like a fool. I feel like it’s my Fate. I have nothing good in myself. I can not be loved by anyone. Not by family not by anyone. I feel my existence is a weight for my family as they said. I am just living like dead. I tried lot to feel good but I can not.

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August 20, 2020

is he enough for you?

August 20, 2020

if he is, accept him as him. if he isnt, move on or get you a couple of men and keep them in rotation.

August 21, 2020

He was enough for me. I never felt of cheating on him. And after he did that I can’t accept him anymore like before. It has changed.