Time heals every wound

I’m feeling better than yesterday. Time heals every wound. I forgave him yesterday. After the storm the sun is rising. Yes, I feel good today. We can’t stop something from happening. It has happened and now it is past. I am not ugly. I was not a bad girlfriend. I tried hard to hold on in my relationship like a rubber band. But the other end of our relationship band has left by his hand. So I felt shaky . It just pushed me down. I was hurt at that time. But I can’t just lose myself. It’s just one life. I need to stand again. Obviously alone. We doesn’t need someone to be happy. We just need ourselves to smile. It’s just 2days of my break-up. Sometimes I feel bad but it’s fine. It happens. People asks

“why bad things happens with good people?”

I want to answer this in my opinion. It’s not just bad things happens with only good people. It’s life . It’s like a coin . It have two sides. Good and bad. Things happen. We can’t stop something from happening. What we can is just hold ourselves to the strongest level and face every problem. I know I am saying some imaginary things. I am also broken. I am person who has been kicked out from happy things. Family, friends, lover, career etc. But still I know somehow only I can change my fate . I think only I can make myself happy. Yes I don’t have anyone else . But I feel only one can make own self happy. I am trying my best to smile. I’m feeling better than yesterday. I’m fine now. I am standing happy alone. And now I can see the sunshine. It looks bright ☺️

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August 15, 2020

Exactly. Sometimes you get the good and other times the bad. Just got to go with the flow.

August 16, 2020

I asked that recently and I really like your explanation.

August 16, 2020

Thank you 🙂