Yesterday night after his Cheating

Yesterday was a nightmare. After my breakup yesterday night I wasn’t able to sleep. Whenever I tried to close my eyes all things were coming in mind, I was seeing his face, his Cheating without any regret, those cheat texts which were sending to another girl. I didn’t sleep yesterday night. My throat was getting dry that time. I felt not good enough. I felt ugly. I was thinking in mind that she is more beautiful than me that’s why he slipped her side. I’m feeling bad. The girl was 5years younger than him. She is beautiful, young, slim. I didn’t sleep yesterday night. It never happened with me. I forgave him. But I can’t trust him anymore. Love doesn’t compare looks. So I feel he didn’t love me. I was just looking at the sky with tears in my eyes at night and were asking to nobody that why did he do that? Am I not good enough? Was I bad girlfriend? I thought for long time . Then I remembered every moment with him. I supported him always. He was a tea addict. I started having tea just for him. I know It sounds crazy ! But I started to be match with his habits. Now he is gone. I didn’t have my morning tea today. It’s fine . He was a cute looking boy. Our relationship was having so many cute moments. But now he has found someone more cute and beautiful than me. It’s okay. I will be fine soon.

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August 16, 2020

Someone better will come along for you.