Now and Then

I wonder if I could have tried harder to keep you. If I could have stayed with you and made it work. I thought it would be too hard. I hated telling people that I was already taken. So, I gave it all up. I let you go, and I thought it would make both of us better people. Now, two years later, here I am, seeing you for what you really are. I remembered how we used to talk every night until the sun rose, how we would watch the stars over the skyline. We dreamed about renting a flat near Broadway and starring in a show together. Now I wonder if you modeled your beliefs after mine because it never made sense that the varsity quarterback wanted to sing and dance. The thing is, it didn’t feel fake back then, we were invincible, unbreakable. But then, I shattered you, like a glass heart. You never forgave me, did you? I think that maybe at first, you were trying to fix it, but then you violated me, and there is no coming back from that. I just don’t know how to feel. How could I have ever fallen in love with someone like you? The only reasonable answer I have for that is that you have changed.

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