to be replaced lyrics-original song

i wanted to share some of my lyrics and see what you guys think.


i have been holding on

watching you change

and I try to stay strong

while I stay the same

I watch you by her side

I’m skating on thin ice


this is how is feels to be replaced

don’t know why but the look on your face

makes me wish we could go back

back before you met her yeah

it just can’t wait

because i don’t want to lose you

i don’t wanna be replaced

I’ve been yelling at the stars

since we said goodbye

i don’t know who are

since you moved on with your life

i don’t know why but i miss the look on your face

from before she stood in my place

so when you look back at me

are you ever flooded with the memories?

when you turn around,

do you feel like you’ve been found?

i don’t know why it feels like a game

maybe i just don’t wanna be replaced.

Please post advice on how to make it better! comment if you like it!


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Very nice. 🙂 Sort of reminds me of my ex. I still love him.

December 17, 2020


thx so much. im sorry about your ex, but I’m sure you will find someone that you love even more