How to vanquish foes

PTSD Recovery: I can love the enemy I just killed. I’ve had practice. Thank you, America.

Advanced PTSD Recovery:  I can love the fabulous fuck up that killed my friend, who went in my stead.  Thanks Warthog pilot.  Survivor guilt is an advanced course, and it fucked me up.  You taught me well, though.

Self-Recovery: I can love myself even though I have killed for no good reason other than fear. Thank you, My Love.

Advanced Self-Recovery: I can love an enemy and then choose not to kill him, thank you, Philosophy.

Pro Tip: I can love an enemy and make of them a friend, which is the only way to vanquish all our enemies. Thank you, Understanding.

He had no choice but to shoot at me, and thus I had to shoot him first. It is only logical. But the bear that kills me in her den because I defended myself against her cubs who were just asleep in their beds when I scared them, well She is also justified. It was only logical. As Alfie would say, That’s fair. See, life IS fair, if we remember we are not supposed to be in control and then use that knowledge to see from all other’s eyes; so as not to wake a baby bear, which scares us, and we have to send our children to kill it.
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