⚠️ warning!!!Disturbing images.

These are images of my self destruction  first image was of me contemplating cutting myself  superficial cuts cuz i was down and not thinking clearly. 2nd picture was taken about an hour later as I impulsively cut myself too deep for comfort. Third pic was taken while I was on the phone after calling 911 cuz I scared myself and was worried about my injury to myself. 4th, 5th and 6th image was my shit journey to the ER to get stitched up and sent home without any kind of psychological help or intervention (I am diagnosed as bpd after all so this is to be expected). Photos 7 and 8 show the aftermath and photo 9 was when I got Arrested under the mental health act a few days later for texting in to a crisis line after overdosing on t3s. I did not receive much support maybe because I was labelled. In fact, in the few days I was held in the ER in the psych section I heard the nurses at shift change say “bed 3 Borderline but she’s been good so far”. Labelling people only contributes to and fuels the problem. Sharing my story so I can hopefully help someone else feel not so alone


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May 30, 2020

Pls take good care of yourself….

You are precious. You matter. Hope you can find someone who will be able to help you on your mental health.


Im glad you called 911 for help !

May 30, 2020

@journalsecret thank you, I do have many good people in my support system and I’m grateful for that

May 30, 2020

“without any kind of psychological help or intervention (I am diagnosed as bpd after all so this is to be expected).”

The only “help” that industry knows is to pathologize, drug and program.  They do not know anything else.  They are practically inhuman in the way they relate to others, those whom they falsely claim to “help”.  They are monstrous to a natural person, and their industry is a known system of torture.  Here’s just one woman’s harrowing story of psychiatric torture in the false name of “help”.

Those people often cause and create the conditions they wish to condemn (this is a known phrase among psych survivors and psych veterans).  It is common knowledge among psych victims and veterans that diagnoses often proliferate, as does the drugging, and the number one injury caused by their industry is iatrogenic psychosis and iatrogenic bipolar.  In other words, people seek care, typically for mild discontent in life, but are diagnosed (labeled) instead and are given drugs (which are antagonists, and are neurotoxins) which cause psychosis.  Once the person suffers a toxic reaction to the drug the toxic reaction is falsely called “bipolar disorder” and then more drugs are given.

It’s cyclical, consistent and routine in their industry.  They know it and in the past decade or so they began self-correcting (although they have a long way to go).  The way the predatory, pseudoscience industry began self-correcting was to prescribe their neurotoxins at lower doses and with some resistance or even an outright unwillingness to prescribe at all (although this is not overly common).

What I told you the other day was very dialed-in to your particular condition.  It’s only when you’re able to speak the truth for yourself that it will begin to take hold.  I or anyone else can tell you but YOU have to be the one to tell yourself.  The fact is, yes, you are feeding on negativity and you’re gratified by it.  This behavior is called pathological (the industry got at least this much right).  THIS is what you need to recognize for yourself and when you do, your circumstances can begin to change.

Either you truly do like and enjoy being sick – and when you like and enjoy something you aren’t going to give it up or let go of it – OR – your truly tired of the lifeless darkness in which you dwell and if you ARE truly tired of it, you will begin to fight for your life and learn to help yourself and take care of yourself.

May 30, 2020

@elcreature yes I agree that my behaviours are pathological and I’m not ready to give them up. I’m trying to make it to tomorrow even if the way I go about it is not the best.