So my sis did stop by the other night. We had a good talk. She gave me some tiny round white pills with no writing on it to take in the morning to wake me up for my zoom conference call. Not sure what they were. She didn’t know the name just said they came from the natural food store. She’s def still using. Tonight at 830 pm she showed up at my house, asked to change her pants went to the washroom to change then rummaged through my fridge for food cuz she was hungry. We sat outside while she ate then she said she had to go real quick and would be right back. It’s now 11pm she still isn’t back. She texted me and said “sorry ladie I got busy doing after hours deliveries”. Not sure what that meant. I didn’t ask. I’m guessing delivery drugs? Who knows. Anyways all I know is I put myself right back into an unhealthy and very vulnerable position and I so can’t afford it esp right now as MCFD opened another case file on me after my latest overdose. I don’t know what I’m going to do. I’ve always been horrible at setting boundaries with her and saying no.  I’m so scared she will get mad at me.  I can’t believe I opened the door to this again. Ugh.

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