A Profound, Humbling Truth For Me

When I am at home, most of the time I let my 2 birds fly free. Most of the time they have their little places to sit and often sit and swing in the front window. With newspapers under them


When I want to get them back in their cage at night so we can ALL sleep, it is like chasing kids to bed. Often difficult. I say the word, “CAGE” and chase them around the kitchen and living room sometimes yelling at them and or chasing them with a broom to get them to comply.

Last night, frustrated and tired, looking at the birds on top of their cage, I spoke to them in a quiet gentle voice respectfully even lovingly asking them to go into their cage and go to bed. No anger no adrenaline. No noise. Surprisingly, the older one, Buddy, looked at me then climbed down into the cage and went to her bedroom. A bird bed that looks like a pup tent. Then I did the same with the other, younger bird Max. Max was a little slower but talking to him he followed Buddy into the cage. This morning I let them out for a while before I went to work. INSTEAD OF my usual dramatic chase and yell at the birdies afraid I would be late, I spoke to them gently, lovingly like friends, like equals. Again, instead of the big chase, the looked at me then slowly climbed into the cage. I thanked them boy by name. It may not have meant anything to them but the tone was a good feeling for all of us, I believe.

Eureka moments in life.


How am I motivated at work to do better? By someone yelling at me or by someone being patient and calm with me? Patient and Calm. The yelling crap just makes me fuck-up with adrenaline.

How do I inspire myself to be and do better? By yelling and cursing myself?

NO, by being kind and gentle with myself.

By forgiving and caring.

With empathy and Compassion.

It was deeply thought provoking to me today to remember all this and savor the simplicity of the lesson. Apply it to all around me. To strangers. While driving. At work. In the majority of interactions with people and self.

It is the basics of the Buddhism I say I try to apply to my life. Be kind be patient empathetic compassionate… as much as I can and with as many as I can be. Including myself.

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October 21, 2020

Smart birds!

October 21, 2020

@kaliko I think that of all animals or most. Including humans. There is ritual they know. In a way they were manipulating me perhaps. But that is a bit deep for such small brains. I think they do like to play with me and tease me.

October 21, 2020

and also…Be kind, Be Calm and Be safe….