A Realization About Celebrations

Due to health inconvenience, I was not able to celebrate my birthday this year. It was … “meh”. I usually have a hard time with it. Contrived. In the past I would get drunk and feel depressed. Eat much but not enjoy it. 

Today I have broken my fasting ways and felt guilty about it. Ate some extra food and … felt good about it. I forgave myself. I thought of what a joy eating ice cream would be! Thinking about that joy I realized that waiting for a holiday or some special occasion to feel good eating or doing something is wrong. The most enjoyable times can be IN THE MOMENT. When you FEEL like it. When the feeling comes to you and you can rejoice and celebrate just BEING and then go back to normal life. 

Don’t wait.

Don’t plan. 

Don’t hesitate. 

Just go with it and enjoy. 

It is like all holidays with me in the past DECADES. None of them were enjoyable. However, sometimes I would decide to buy something spontaneously. Gift myself. Buy some very enjoyable food or drink. Realized that tomorrow the world may not be here. Tomorrow that world we wait to celebrate will be dull and same. 

I wish I had learned earlier in life to just let go. Drop what I was doing and celebrate a MOMENT. A whim. If I felt like singing, SING! If I felt like laughing, LAUGH and encourage others to join me. 

I believe people make celebrations a labored thing. Ok,

let us go have some fun by ACTING like we are having fun but not. 


Live laugh and revel in a moment. 

What were you celebrating?

What special occasion?

Oh I was celebrating what we often miss in life:



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2 weeks ago

@happytrails Too lazy to drive out and buy some ice cream now. Yeah.