Adding Something To A Telemarketers Day

I started something new recently. I decided to practice Kindness by being kind to people that call me asking me to buy something. If it is a computer voice with the same old message I will mutter, “fuck you” and end it then block that number. If I hear a REAL HUMAN VOICE I will practice what I want to learn: Kindness, Compassion, Empathy, And Patience. These people have hard jobs. They are rejected most of the time. They have to say the same thing and sound like they care about what they are doing. In 4 recent calls I told them I do not want their product or service but I understand they are doing their job and it is a hard job with much rejection and can be depressing. I have noticed a change in the people as I tell them this. It is a long-winded way of saying I see and feel their humanity and I care about them but…I do not want the product or service. They are just doing something that pays the rent. I appreciate that. I know the wages are probably low and the work mentally stressing but probably the only work they can find. 

I find this is good practice for making me a better human. MAYBE in doing this I can add a little bit of good to THEIR lives. 

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2 weeks ago

From all former and current retail/customer service/telemarketers–Thank You for recognizing our humanity.

2 weeks ago

@elkay You are welcome. It feels good. Empathy. If I was doing that how stressful would it be? From the accents I hear, I think many are from non US countries. I cannot buy they product or service but I can share humanity and give them respect as people.