I know a person that lives in a country called, “Belarus”. I think we rarely hear of it. Most Americans may assume it is a fictional country.

It is not.

Bordered by Russia in the East; the baltic countries and Poland on the west side and Ukraine in the South. This person I know showed me some videos of political oppression. Government thugs beating common very BRAVE citizens on the street. People being routinely abducted on the street and tossed into detention. I thought some of the American police stuff was bad but THIS shit is BAD BAD. The country has been ruled by a trump-like dictator named Lukashenko since 1994. The history of Belarus is one of a populace being beat up and kicked around by their neighbors for centuries. During WWII, the Nazi’s came in and wiped out the jews. Very few there now if any. Much of their industry was destroyed and about 1/4 of the population. The joined the Soviet Union during or after WWII. Something like that and when the USSR broke up they became their own country. Ruled by a dictator. Funny thing is that looking at what kind of people liked trump? Guys like Lukashenko. The people of Belarus are tired of taking his shit and have had mass protests. Those protests have led to mass arrests, torture and beatings. Disappearances. Yet these noble brave people continue to protest for freedom and an end to the rule of a dictator. We in the west rarely see any news of Belarus. We need to see more. We need to pay more attention to the oppression going on there. 

I look at how so many Americans on the Right complain about how their RIGHTS are being interfered with. They worry their guns may be taken away. There they are with assault rifles and other fire arms talking about their “rights”. MEANWHILE IN BELARUS people are facing the troops of a police state bare handed. There is no coddling of them because they have guns and whine whine about freedoms. Point here is… So many in the USA don’t have a clue about what REAL repression is. What REAL DICTATORSHIP IS. They always have a voice at the ballot box. A place that is now the stuff of conspiracy theory bullshit. I think if people would go beyond their conspiracy theory fictional shit and look at what true repression is, they might have a better appreciation for all they have in the USA. If they could do some research on North Korea as well and see what pure hell is… they would stop whining and be grateful for all these wonderful freedoms we have here. 


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November 8, 2020

All I know about communist countries is that you have no rights and whatever work they tell you to do you have to do it and everything you need you have to stand in line and wait,  I wonder how many Americans would choose to live in a communist country if trump lived there? I know what it’s like to live in a communists’ country because my people(the Jews) in Germany was there and they got excecated by gas and didn’t even argue about it.

November 8, 2020

@jaythesmartone They are more like a pure Dictatorship. When someone like Lukashenko like you you know you are BAD! He likes trump. I think North Korea is one of the last true communist countries. China is but more like an oligarchy.

November 8, 2020

Well said. I had a friend who was from Belarus but grew up between Russia Belarus and Poland.  She definitely had interesting perspectives.

November 8, 2020

@celestialflutter Talk about a tortured history. The USA and Canada are such young countries in comparison. With the hopefully LATE trump regime they wanted to teach a very fictional nationalistic history of the USA and probably avoid any history of other places. I was once married to a Russian and the culture clashes were often enlightening.