Fighting My Expiration Date

My former boss and I were messaging about health today. He asked if I was still taking Lovenox shots. Yes I am. A line of bruises along my waist line to prove it. Photographic proof too disgusting to post here. Taking blood thinners for me is part of life. I had 2 blood clots a few years ago and have been on blood thinners since. Warfarin but have to give myself injections every time I go off them for some reason such as any medical procedure. Without the blood thinners, I would be dead by now.


Most of my near-death experiences have been through stupidity. Angels or shit luck have happened. If not for science and modern medicine I would have been dead at 18 months of age. THAT was probably my first expiration date. It got changed and the next one kicked up the road a bit. And then again and again. In the past few years stupidity has not been a factor in my Expiration Dates. I started seeing those dates in a bit of a blur and to erase them I decided to do all I can to keep pushing those dates farther up. 

Do what I can now to stay alive. 

Live smarter.

Eat wiser. 


Get more sleep. 

Work on my self as a person. 

Lose weight and keep it off. 

Look at what can make me sick or sicken me and do what I can to NOT let that hurt or kill me. 

Alcoholism? Nope!

Diabetes? Watching my diet now.

So many other things? Watching what I eat. 

Just ordered 4 pounds of black rice. Great stuff, nutritionally. 

Colonoscopy and blood tests show that Expiration Date to be more faded with no bad things lurking to kick my bucket for me. 

Getting vaccinated with every damn thing an idiot anti-vaxxer would hate. 

Laughing more for good mental health? Check!

Being kind ? Check!

Flossing? Yeah, even little things like that. 

I used-to think cynically that if I lived a clean life I would get hit by a bus or some other accident not immagined. Like blood clots…

I changed my view.

Fuck you cynicism!

Fuck you, Expiration Date!

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2 weeks ago

My body has tried to take me out about five times in the last 12 years and it’s not a fun experience.  Of all things, a few years back when the flu shot was only about 10% effective, that was the one time in forever that I didn’t end up getting that shot.  I ended up with Influenza B and ended up in ICU for a couple of days.  Bleh.

2 weeks ago

@tigerhawk Fuck the ICU. Never been there and they only look fun on TV with big tit movie star nurses. The reality is… ohhhhhh SHIIIIIIIIIT! Living alone I have to warn myself about little things like walking around the house or how to behave around windows 😉 AND BEWARE OF CHOKING TO DEATH ON YOUR OWN SPIT YOU STUPID FUUUUUCK! Congratulations on doing so well sir!