How Many Times Have I Heard That Song In My Life?

Tonight a snippet of song came to mind and memory. It was like a door opening and closing for a moment. I heard a bit of song and then I took a guess at the name of it. I looked it up on youtube and listened to it. A song from the late 1960’s! Something I had heard on the radio in my youth. I looked it up on iTunes and bought it. I listened to it a few times marveling at how good it was. Rock/Blues. 

I looked at folders of old rock music with some newer stuff tossed in. I thought about how I have a FAVORITES folder of songs I listened to when I was drinking. Songs I can listen to over and over again. I have laughed at how there are some songs I have been listening to for 40-50 YEARS! One odd song I have listened to more than any song of the biggest rock bands collections. Some songs just hit us and stay with us. 

Like that song I remembered tonight. It was like an old friend come back to me. I can appreciate it more now than I did when I was …16? 65 now. There were some songs played on the radio over and over that wore out their welcome in me. Others, were songs special to me. Possible embarrassments if I told them to others. Ok, who in the hell has ever heard, “HIPPO STOMP” by Steppenwolf? I have played that more than any of the bigger bands songs. It seemed a stupid song that often makes me smile for that. A lack of any real meaning but so many songs are that way. 

I look at the songs on my favorites list and smile and laugh about it at times. DAMN how many times have I listened to THOSE songs and will as long as I live? Those songs for me have gone from vinyl and cassettes to CD’s to now existing as those tiny music files. I am amazed at how they have lived through so many music formats. Then again I am often amused thinking of what Beethoven or Mahler would have thought of how their musics are preserved and for how long!

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October 18, 2020

I have a lot of different songs I really like and every time I listen to them it just takes me back.

have you ever heard of Mason Williams? You know what song made him?

here it is, have a listen….if you have time.

October 18, 2020

@jaythesmartone Yes I remember him. I remember that song got played a lot on the radio.