I May Sound Like I Bitch And Moan A Lot BUT!

…BUT… it’s part of the therapy/diary experience. 

When we go to a therapist, the therapist encourages you to let out your thoughts and feelings. The therapist is there to LISTEN. When we talk and let things out, hopefully WE LISTEN TO OURSELVES. 

We become our own therapists by listening to ourselves. If we have problems and pains, there may be no immediate solution and remedy. LISTENING to ourselves as we would to another person helps us to find solutions or come to some peace about our conflicts.

Our minds are tool boxes. All we often have to do is look in there find the right tool to help ourselves.

Sometimes rummaging around, we cannot find the correct appropriate tool. In those cases we reach out to other minds and borrow tools – or they are gifted. 

This is often how writing is for me: A way of talking and listening. At times the talk may sound negative (but pardon the metaphor here) it can be like a wonderful massive bowel movement. A great relief! Oh yeah I got that out!

Now don’t look down or back. Flush it and find solutions and keep going. 

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February 19, 2021

I like that OD allows me to experience life through the eyes of others.  But I agree with you about it also being a type of therapy.

February 19, 2021

Gross but effective analogy. 😛

February 19, 2021

@sleepydormouse Shit happens

February 19, 2021

Yes, I get that.  It’s the same for me. And then I go through phases of positivity.  I can tell where I am mentally and emotionally by not only what I write about, but how I write about it.  Good analogy. Definitely gross, but life is messy and gross sometimes, lol.  Shit happens. I like that.