If People Were Elected To Office For Their Positive Humanity

If you listen to and read what politicians say, ask if they are good people. Positive. Nurturing of others. Helpful to the world. I have a liberal bias and thus believe that few in the Right Wing of the USA have anything positive to add to humanity or the world. They seem to constantly want to cut down, cut out, diminish the good and destroy. 

IF there was such a thing as a test for being a GOOD HUMAN to run for political office in the USA, I wonder how many of ALL political parties would pass it. Joe Biden has lied a few times but it is laughable compared to the person that had his job before him. I look at how many politicians have been indicted for crimes on the right and wonder about the whole “good” thing. So many profess to be CHRISTIAN and follow the teachings of their prophet Jesus who, from what I know of that entity was a GOOD person that taught love, kindness, compassion, and empathy. I am often perplexed that so many thought that the person of trump was a GOOD man and that their god smiled upon him – even though he was constantly lying and cruel. What sort of god and good is that?

I wonder … I wonder… if there WAS such a test as a GOOD HUMAN test, how many would pass the basics. No matter their religion or lack of it. How many running for office could go 1 speech without lying? How many could get through a week without trying to hurt another person?

Yes, fortunately, I am naive about such things. 

That is a good thing I feel.

I have not run for political office because of some little crimes in my past otherwise I wonder… I wonder… if I could pass a GOOD HUMAN test. 

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