It’s Hard To Care When The Ship Is Going Down

Hopefully I can read this later in life and remember it easier.

Yesterday I was using a power saw to cut up old wood product so it cannot be used when we trash it. The blade hit a metal part and the machine stopped. My boss heard it. Nobody hurt. Sparks and broken saw blade teeth. I told the boss I hoped this would be the last time I kicked my own ass in the factory. In the past he would have yelled at me and said some bad words. This time he acted with compassion and a tiny bit of humor. I told him about the self ass kicking. We shrugged. I got the saw going and worked with more care. One comment I made is that it did not matter about the chipped saw blade teeth because it would probably be the last time we used it. 

I walk with head down often at work now. A fatigue of spirit hard to describe. I am a slave of sorts to the situation. I would quit but I need a “lay off” notice to collect more unemployment. Same with the others. Yesterday I joked to some, “Scott’s not here!” and tapped my head. Some got it, some did not. Grim humor. The walking dead. WAITING. 

A good thing for us all is we DO CARE. Doing good work is a HABIT of our lives. In the factory or outside, we CARE. We care about doing good work. Doing the right thing. We may feel contempt for the owner that put us in this dark place but we continue to do good. Pride in our work no matter what it is. 

My boss works hard finding things for people to do. A noble thing and aspects of nobility. Keep us working hour by hour for as much pay as we can get. Pay with hard work. The factory is a dying animal but the boss is the heart that keeps it pumping on life support. 

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February 23, 2021

Your boss sounds as if he’s a decent fellow.  I can’t imagine how hard it must be to go into work every day not knowing if it will be your last.  Hang in there!!

February 23, 2021

@novembercirese He is a good man when the mood hits him. He is good to those that are good to him. I call him, “sir” and mean it.