Max Wiggles And Bites

Below you see Max. Likes to hang upside down. He is about 1 years old. Assertive, strong personality. I have another bird, Buddy who is 2 years old. Buddy is timid. Never allows me to touch her. “Her” is an assumption. Both birds are conures. THEY are the reason I try to stay alive. Someone needs to care for them!

Max likes to walk and crawl on me. He is cocky about his landings on me. I will be walking down a hall in my house and hear Max launch from somewhere. I can tell if he is aiming for me. I pause and feel him land on me. I keep going. Depending on his mood, he will wiggle under my chin or (if wearing a knit cap) climb up onto my head. These days Max seemed conflicted friendly. In that I mean he will walk around on me but often nip at me. Not kinky. Painful, dude! Recently he has found something new to do: He crawls under my chin and then wiggles into and under my sweatshirt. It is at times HILARIOUS to see my shirt moving and then painful in a comic way feeling him bite me as he navigates me. Once he found a nipple and made me almost kill him in reaction to his biting me there! Ah self control. Also nice that he did not hold on as I pulled him off that part of me. I will NEVER let him go below my belt…

Max is hilarious. Funny dude. Full of mischief. As I sit here writing, he tries to get into cupboards and land on forbidden places. Same with Buddy. Now Max is on my keyboard watching my fingers move. Had to pause as he tried to bite my moving fingers. He got up on my wrist and I blew warm air on him. Now he is in my shirt again…. here is a photo of him emerging FROM the shirt.

Max, the great adventurer!

Ok Time to go under again…

(Aborted! The little bastard bit me! HARD! (But I laughed))

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February 19, 2021

Beautiful birds and funny stories! Sounds like they are good company and playful friends.

February 19, 2021

@ssingleton430 Thank you! Yes even the OTHER bird is good. The OTHER bird was my first conure and I got Max as a companion. Max does not talk or do tricks nor does Buddy. I like them to be birds and not toys. Birds are an education to me about all higher life forms. Each bird reptile fish mammal has a personality. They may be less intelligent but they all have personalities. None are the same.