Most Of What We Say IS Just Bull$hit

My dad use-to call me “motor mouth” when I was a kid and young adult. It seems like I was talking constantly. I look back at times and wonder what was so important I had to talk about?

As the years have passed I have come to analyze what I feel like talking about. What value does it have to OTHERS? The problem I had in the past was that it was somehow IMPORTANT TO ME. An ego thing. It had little or no value to anyone else. So much was stupid gossip about others or the mundanity of my own life. BORING SHIT about me or repeats of what people already knew from reading the news.

So it is.

What is of value in what I or others say?

So much is the mere barking of neurotic dogs. Same with the talking heads I see on the news or life. 

PEOPLE SPEAKING OPINIONS… Which is something we all have. We can make a cut to a dog licking it’s balls when someone is giving some opinion speech on TV. Same damned meaning to it.

Only as much as we give it. 

With my own talk I have found some of it is nervous crap without any meaning to anyone else. What IS of value is anything that will make someone smile or laugh. Lighten their load of the day in a moment. The NEWS? It’s all crap someone can read about. 


I have found myself talking about OTHERS less and less over the most recent years of my life. If I cannot affect the lives of others in some POSITIVE WAY why talk about them? I talk about politics because it is a thing of FEAR to me. It is that distant dog out in a yard barking. It is fear. Anxiety. THAT is what so much talk in the USA is these days: That barking of anxious neurotic dogs. Little fact and multitudes of opinions. My dad used to say: “All around a pigs ass is pork” I could not argue with it! TRUTH!

At work I listen to people talking about this or that person and wonder why it matters to them or me? 1 coworker is non stop talking and gossip. To me, he is a very sad person. Lonely. His talking about the lives of OTHERS is a smoke screen to his own sad lonely existence. 

I look at myself when I gossip and that is me as well. I show how sad a person I am.

Live and let live.The lives of Others are not for me to judge… unless it has some joyful or fearful resonance in life. 

These days my main talk is of politics. I try not to. I hear that anxious distant dog barking when I do talk politics. I have learned to not care about my fellow coworkers and only about family or neighbors if they are a pain to me. 

It’s all bull$hit. 

It has nothing to do with my life most of the time so let it go and do not care. Don’t be that sad distant barking dog. Let go of what does not affect my immediate life. Be animal mind, threat assessment as meaning.On the other hand… if I can say something to make someone feel better…

The talk has true meaning.

Otherwise it’s just bull$shit.

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3 weeks ago

That is the one thing I love about my husband… I have never heard him gossip about anyone. He has a kind fair heart!

3 weeks ago

I wonder if we just talk about nothing of importance because we are too scared to talk the truth for fear of being shot down?

3 weeks ago

@jaythesmartone Good observation. Some people cannot stand air without words hanging in it. Happens with me at times. Silences that scream. Maybe by just talking banal bullshit we feel connected with others in some way.

3 weeks ago


I think so and also to keep a friendship so we don’t feel so alone?

3 weeks ago

@jaythesmartone True 🙂