No Idea What To Do After Forced Retirement

I will probably lose the job I have worked for 43 years, next week. Every day will get harder. This week we end production and next week start taking the factory apart. 

I have some savings I can rely on until I can get Social Security in September. THAT is a long way off! I am hoping I can get extended unemployment benefits and Biden will come through for the people of the USA. That $1400 would be very helpful!

I spent 2 months laid off and waiting to go back to work only to be told the company is being closed. I felt I was going insane locked up in my house. I half expected the bad news. I have never thought about retirement. Never expected to retire. I thought I would have good health and continue on past 100! OR… not live to be 60. Reality is in between. I will live a life near poverty in my future. No more nice Apple toys or spontaneous spendings on Amazon. 

I have 2 siblings I talk to. Recently got angry at how I was being treated by sister and her husband. Insults often and much condescension. My oldest brother often sounds a bit OFF in the head from being retired and living alone. He only talks to our sister and brother in law. They all mean well but I am at times doubtful. Manipulation and control issues with my sister. My brother seems brain washed by them. I told him we both need a greater circle of people. 

THAT is something that makes me alarmed: What happens to your mind when you retire? That whole work social atmosphere is gone. That IDENTITY is gone. That sense of Self. I know I will need to find a new way to engage with people. Please, no suggestions. I will be working on that. A problem I have always had is that I am NOT a Social person. I am engaging even charismatic at times but most of the time do not care to associate with people. I will probably look for some part time job or even volunteer. 

I will miss the sonsabitches I work with. Most of us agree we will miss that place and the atmosphere. I will miss my boss especially. There is one worker that is 70 and I think he continues to work there just for the ass kissing and gossip. He is always nosing about the lives of owner and others. He cannot take a vacation without calling in to work! All that will fade away for him. He will still call people but I know most people will find him to be a nuisance. Much as I dislike him, I also feel for him. Gossiping and being a rat was his life. 

Let me see now… Taxes, tooth removed and job loss. After that, how to survive on much much less. 

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February 16, 2021

I think you will do good….

February 17, 2021

I am 57 years old and disabled.  I live on Social Security Disability which is very very little per month.  I am fortunate that I now live in HUD Housing, but for awhile there, I rented a room in a house.  Life is expensive.

As far as a sense of self, I also struggled with what to do with myself every day.  So I decided, I would just take each day as it comes and do my best.  I have hobbies which I do now v-e-r-y slowly.  I try to think of others, instead of wallowing in my life.  I am pleased to say that each day I seem to be able to give something back.

I know you will pull through this.

February 17, 2021

@novembercirese Thanks for more about you. Yes I will! Thanks!