Picture Day And Tooth Extraction

Today at work was what was referred to as, “Picture Day”. Photos of the last people to work at my factory and separate photos of the last of the old guard. The Old Timers. 

Emotional roller coaster like flu that is hard to shake. Felt fine going in to work. I saw a long stick I had used to push wood through a shaping machine when I was finished with a job. Oddly THAT LONG STICK brought back many memories. I started to get a lump in my throat. Then I realized I was probably doing a machining  job wrong. Simple boring of holes into wood parts. I believed I was doing it wrong. I imagined an assembler going nuts and yelling at me later. It occurred to me that since we are going to stop production as of Friday, WHY CARE ANYMORE? I cared and tried to do better. 

We were supposed to have group photos made at 10:30 but some people were late arriving. The retired main salesman and former owner came to visit. Those 2, my boss, an older worker and I posed together for a photo. The OLD guard. The oldest. Then group photos were made of all the workers together. It started to hit me. I left to drive home to prepare for the dentist and getting a tooth extracted. I was overwhelmed with emotion and cried as I drove. 

The dentist office I go to has a married couple. The husband does the bone work. Extractions an other things. He is very good. Told me all he was doing. Lost his grip and yanked my jaw hard. Despite the anesthetic, it was very painful. Tooth had to be taken out in pieces. 

I am in intense pain now as I write this. Hopefully the pain fades soon. Must beware of doing anything to create the much dreaded “dry socket”. When the clot falls out and the bone is bare. SHUDDERS! 

Very tired and just want to curl-up and zone out. I feel like such a punk about this pain. 

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February 18, 2021

I’m sorry about your goodbyes today and really sorry you had to have a tooth extracted.  I got dry socket once and it was so bad I called my dentist at 3 am to come and fix it.  Take CARE of yourself!!

February 18, 2021