Reflections On FAIL Videos

I do not go out of my way to find videos of people doing thoughtless stupid shit and it being coincidentally video recorded. I go through the imgur site looking for humor some people post. I find no humor in seeing people get hurt. There is no pleasure no thrill. I cringe and feel empathy and compassion for such people. Still having nuts, I feel for the poor reckless fools that crush THEIR nuts doing stupid things. 

“Stupid Things”.

That is what most of it is. I used to do stupid things when I was young. I recall being drunk and doing DRUNKEN stupid things that almost got me killed but never even hospitalized. I recall something I did in high school that people probably remember and laugh about. Parking so badly the VW beetle was almost on it’s side. Fortunately some macho boys got the car back on 4 wheels and are probably still talking about it. Hopefully they have forgotten my name. 

Every time I did something stupid or just thought less, I felt death breathing near me and sweated from that heat. The last time I tried to drink and drive and turned around slowly and slowly carefully drove back home and never did it again. So much of the stupid was alcohol fueled. Some things were just accidents such as running through the factory and as I was passing through a large doorway higher than I, I clipped it with the top of my head BECAUSE I was running. I remember the company vice president cussing my ass out as I lay on the dusty floor bleeding. I learned. 

I learned. 

I learned to THINK AND IMAGINE consequences. For example: When putting a shirt on or taking one off, do not do it near a ceiling light. Never busted a light bulb that way but came close to it. Back up with plenty of space. 

Imagine what can go wrong while working with machines. Learn from accidents in which the piece of wood is not flush with the backboard and the saw blade touching the wood grabs it and smashes fingers. Bruised but not broken. LESSON LEARNED. 

Few months ago cut a finger on the cutting head of a food processor while cleaning dishes. Lesson: Do not get cocky. Respect that bastard and clean it first with focused attention. 


Do not try to impress people by doing things that are best left for those wanting to die or stunt people. 

“Fail” videos are often very sick to me. Yes, I see them but I see that what some are laughing at is like the Romans watching people die in an arena. Ah great fun seeing someone possibly killed or maimed. Yet those DOING the recorded stunts should have thought “what can happen if I do THIS or THAT?

It is a joke I have with myself these days: When doing something do not become the star of a FAIL video. 

Most accidents happen due to stupidity. 

Beware of stupid in myself and others. 

If stupid were a god, it would be a very horrible death and injury god. I can imagine someone praying to such a god: “Oh stupid! Bless ____ with your misfortunes so they smash their nuts doing a tiktok or youtube stunt!” Or, “Oh stupid! Give me the wisdom to be wise and NOT get hurt doing ___ THAT”. 

Oh Lord Stupid! Let me get through a day without being a sacrifice to your glory!

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3 weeks ago

Your story about the VW reminds me of one my sister told. She was attending North Carolina School of the Arts and one day, a group of male ballet dancers were going into town. A bunch of redneck boys pulled up in a Beetle and starting calling them fags and such. Ballet dancers are in good shape and very strong and they surrounded the VW and lifted it and starting shaking it back and forth!

3 weeks ago

@solovoice ballet dancers are pure muscle.