Symptomatic Of Depression And Stress

Over the many years of my life I have learned to be able to be outside myself and look inside.


In recent weeks since hearing of my factory closing, I have found myself starting to read something and then giving up on it. I have realized it is because reading about things like politics, human suffering (as we see in the news so often), celebrity crap or sports has about 0 to do with me. It is not my life. I cannot affect it. If there is someone troubled in my own sphere of existence, maybe I can help them and give them my full attention. Maybe I can crack an amusing joke. I see someone frowning and looking how I feel most of the time and out of my deep self I pull out a smile seed. THAT has meaning. THAT feels good. Looking at the lives of others that suffer and face it with courage and often humor has meaning to me. The craven ways of so many politicians fill me with revulsion and disgust. Yet sometimes inspire. The majority of celebrities are rich spoiled brats to that cannot relate to the lives of their adoring fans. For example: I once had some respect for Bruce Springsteen often singing about the common working class folks. Then I found he never worked a real job in his life. Writes good. Good musician. DOES show empathy and compassion but he never did the work of any folks that listen to him. Like so many celebrities. 

My life becomes like so many: I face fully and focused on my own OUR own survivals. Those distant lives of others lose their interest. When I read about the common people, their suffering in a distant land, I find a greater connection to them than so many I read of in the USA. 

I have become largely apathetic and disgusted with so much in politics. Not so much the Liberals as they TRY to do good for humanity. They TRY to help the people of the USA. The 99%.

I come to see that so much of what I read is mind garbage. My attention drops off in the same way my nose will try to avoid the smell of something offensive or dead. If I can do something about it, good. If not, avoid and ignore. 

For the suffering of others, I offer compassion and empathy when I cannot DO anything about their lives if their sufferings came from something other than stupidity. Even then I feel a little connection because in my life I was stupid. Fortunately I grew from it. 

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February 23, 2021

Right now, at this stage in your life, it’s probably not the right time to find World Peace.  Just take it one day at a time, step by step, helping those you encounter on your way.  And your Diary is a GOOD thing.  You can write your feelings and have them validated by others.  You’re going to be okay.