Talking To Pets

WHY we talk often fascinates me. Something I think about and am highly mindful of. Such as chat conversations on Whatsapp or like today…

Talking To Pets.

My 2 Conure birds. In another entry I wrote about my birds and I. Have had 1 for 2 years and another for over 6 months. Oddly, the newer bird is very sort of friendly and the older one still acts scared of me. Like a bird 😉 It DOES love it when I give it food. OPERATION: SPOIL THE BIRD WITH KINDNESS AND OVER FEEDING!

I talk to my birds. I whistle at them. I inflict music on them. I react to their shrieks and screams. No they do not make melodic calls. They sound like …birds. They do not talk. 1 of them (the younger one) will fly into the bathroom almost every time I got there. As a result, I think my birds do not know any human words YET. I have a fear that because Max follows me into the bathroom so often that instead of human words the poor bird will fly around … MAKING FARTING NOISES!

Talking to the birds is good for me, living alone. Talking to any pet is that way I feel. The tone of voice is what matters, I think. We learn about ourselves when we interact with animals. What we say to them is a reflection of us. HOW we are to them. For example: When one of my birds does stupid mischievous thing, I yell at them. I ask myself “why”? Usually it is because I fear what they are doing. They will get hurt or damage something. 

When I talk to my birds I often joke to them. I think my best jokes go unheard and appreciated because I say them to my birds who do not care. I care because I make myself laugh at my own jokes and often at the birds I am talking to. 

I had a dog long ago and I talked to him. He was a person. Not human person. Same with my birds. The life forms in my home as pets ARE PERSONS TO ME. Different and with smaller brains. But they are people. They are like therapy. I talk they hear it and I feel better. That is what a therapist does: LISTENS.

I often shut-up and watch my other persons in the house. I listen to them.

Listening is more important than talking

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2 weeks ago

I talk to my cat…oddly I think he actually understands what I say

2 weeks ago

@kaliko Some words yes but especially the tone.

2 weeks ago

@skobru yep and at least he listens too lol


2 weeks ago

Unfortunately for me I don’t have any pets but I do talk to myself all the time and I never ever answer my own questions.  But I also find things I have misplaced like the dish cloth.

I use to talk to my dads dog all the time it made me feel like I had company.