Unconditional Love ;-)

I put a bad sweet potato by the front door to toss it out on the lawn to rot or be eaten by something. Buddy, the light green bird found it and started making a mess of it. Max the dark green bird joined him. In the past, I may have thrown a fit about the mess. I scooped up the bits and threw them into a house plant. Buddy acted like he was in trouble. I said, “fuck you, have fun”. I love my little bastards as they are. Birds are birds. Like people. Being as they are. 

Go fuck shit up, Buddy. It’s your nature and I love you as you are. And Max. As I write this Max is attacking my hand. I love you as you are you vicious little bitch! 😉

Unconditional love!

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2 weeks ago

“…you vicious little bitch”


2 weeks ago

@tigerhawk I added one more photo of my little green dominatrix.

2 weeks ago

@skobru – Ha! Schmexy!

2 weeks ago

@tigerhawk She likes to go inside my shirt. Couple times she grabbed a nipple. Pain? OH GAWD YES! Lucky to not be a flat bird for it.