What A Waste

Today I talked to a woman that was “heart broken”. I had noticed her face in a dating site profile and wanted to help her. She told me about her husband cheating on her. LATER I asked her how long ago that was. 5 years ago. I told her she needed to start living. Go have some fun in life. Hell get laid again! (Who am I to talk?) I felt sadness that this woman was just wallowing in self pity and in love with all that melodramatic shit people create and live like oh he done me wrong or she done me wrong so I will be sad.

Been there done that and kicked my own ass for it. Live life NOW! Don’t wait to waste life until you get over yourself. Things I wish I could have learned long ago when I did that shit! 

Fuck the past and all the done me wrong crap by anyone. Let it go and live NOW in this moment. Valuable lesson for me to learn. 

I have always had this thing about trying to help people. Savior syndrome or something. I hope I can get that new sort of friend to let go of her pain and live NOW and find some joy in life…

Lessons I learned so reluctantly but now practice with such passion. 

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2 weeks ago

I can understand if it was a year ago where someone screwed you over but anything after that is time to live life and have fun…..

2 weeks ago

Another lesson learned: you can’t save people from themselves.

2 weeks ago

@solovoice in my youth I got drunk on melodrama in self-pity I hate to see others doing that. But like you said….