YES I DO Judge And Label

With all the pet peeves I own, you would think I have a petting zoo I have so many. One of my pet peeves is those that hoist themselves up so high and might and with great arrogance or false humility will say… “Oh I do not judge or label” Or some other total shit long lecture about judging and labeling and maybe tossing in some god crap with it. Whenever you want some real bullshit, throw god in the mix. 

I think of myself as a REALIST. I don’t bullshit people. Yes I DO judge and label. 

For example: “That guy is an asshole!” Or “Wow man you are sooooo COOL!”

It goes both ways. 

People can judge and label me all they want. I just don’t give a fuck BECAUSE it has been part of life and my life ALL my life. 

“That is one crazy stupid mother fucker!” This is very applicable and often used in my views of right wing politicians. 

But oh wait! OTHERS do not judge or label! Noooooo they are BETTER than that and when they take a shit? Ahhhh the sweet fragrance of innocence and roses! 

People saying they do not judge or label and then look askance at others that DO are full of shit. Liars. WE ALL DO!

What get BAD to me is when people descend into gossip and do it over and over. Years ago I got so that I found gossip irritating so I walked away from it. Politically it is THERE all the time. YES so and so is ____ then we repeat it over and over but that is the nature of the beast. 

But with each other?

Fuck it. 

If you do not like someone or find you dislike some things about them sure label them. Creative positive and negative labels that make us decide if we want to be around someone or not. If they are useful or not. Positive or negative in our lives or in the distant periphery of our lives.

He’s an asshole, stay away from him. Good. Life is better that way. 

Wow THAT person is cool and GOOD! Good, go be with them and share the groovy energy. Add to it. 

I think that religion has poisoned humanity so much with that judgement crap. It’s part of life. It’s not being above or beyond others. Not being greater or lower. It’s the basic survival instinct that we sometimes take a bit too far when it goes into the realm of gossip and pettiness of continued beating the shit out of some view of someone or some thing. 

Am I a sonofabitch for my views?

Oh please go ahead and judge me. Fuck it, it’s just part of life and get over yourself and I get over me and continue on. 

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3 weeks ago

Everyone judges.  If you see someone you have never met before, you will judge that person within 10 to 20 seconds after the first glance.  Call it human nature.  Survival – friend or foe, fashion police, whatever.

3 weeks ago

@wrecktangle Ohhhhh I am SO delighted that someone GETS IT! 🙂 RIGHT ON! I judge you to be COOL! 😉

3 weeks ago

I had an incident in the past where someone I don’t know looked at me and said, “Don’t judge me!”  I eventually weaseled out of the confrontation, because I’m such a diplomat – BUT – in retrospect, I wanted to tell said person – “why not?  you’re judging me!”  You’re right – we all judge each other – and based upon that judgement, we proceed.  Sometimes my initial judgements are wrong, but not too often!

3 weeks ago

@onlysujema thank you. So many think they are too good and everyone should play by their rules.  That’s a big reason why I have problems with religion. We don’t all have to play by The same rules. Just the basics. So much of that is manipulation I think. Egotism. Judge not lest you be judged. Screw that. Anyone can judge me anyway they want. If you have issue with me just get out of my face. I’ll do the same with them. I admire your diplomacy👍🏼🙏🏼🙂