A pictures of better days

There were times there was nothing she could do, 

But lie in bed all day, beside a picture of them together 

A picture of better days


I can’t let myself fall all the way down this hole, but it’s so easy and comforting. Like un-fucking-believably easy and comforting to come back here.

I’m standing at the door and I’m ready to come home but I’m not going to. I’m gonna let myself feel it this time but I ain’t fucking going. I’m gonna let myself hurt for awhile but I ain’t fucking going.

You can’t fucking have me.

This time I am stronger.


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1 week ago

Whatever you’re going through, I wish you light and strength. <3

@free_spirit_gal thank you. I just know better than to dwell too long in certain places.

1 week ago

@sleeponflyon Good for you. It’s not always easy, even when we know. Haha. 🙂

1 week ago

Dwelling is the worst because it is easy to just give in. But I believe in you, you are stronger this time.