How we like to be told

I’m sitting in the airport parking lot smoking weed because I’m way too early for this stupid overnight flight. A product of your mom constantly making you late, or at least pushing the boundaries of punctuality. And either way, I still don’t know how to plan things right. I don’t even have a ride back to the airport once I’m there. I’m sure someone will bail me out.

I’m oddly looking forward to this wedding. Maybe it’s seeing faces I haven’t seen in years now. My mom was supposed to come to this one, it was a big deal. Now it won’t even matter if I tell her or if those people even exist anymore, inside her head.

After the wedding I’m going to see her to say goodbye before I can’t.

Try to stay afloat. Don’t dwell. Don’t drown.

My ex was supposed to come to this too. But I’m kind of happy she isn’t. For someone who I spent everyday with for 8 years… she sure doesn’t seem relevant anymore. Except right before bed when it would just be so nice to sleep next to someone again.

Don’t dwell. Keep moving.

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1 week ago

I am always two hours early for a flight.. and usually baked.  It’s really the only way to fly or deal with the airport in general.

let us keep moving forward.