I am beyond hopeless when it comes to two things…

#1 Men.

#2 Controlling my CFS. (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome)

It just… idk… it f-cking sucks. I am not good with men, bc they either leave or cheat on me, OR like Rich passive aggressively dumps my sh-t. As for the CFS, I guess that’s how life is right??

Anyways, the sh-ts are pretty much done with. Now I have the bad tooth, and Wen is on top of that mountain. <3 her so. I am going to take @darkmadonna’s advice and get an oral surgeon to extract all my bloody wisdom teeth so the other 3 don’t cause trouble. The thing is, not a whole lot of places are open. 🙁 Damn Covid!

I will sim today… 🙂



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January 18, 2021

I hate CFS it’s one of the things my doctor’s have told me I have and nothing you can really do about it but take meds that don’t work. Hope you get your teeth done soon. I agree on the men things too. I decided after my last boyfriend, that I was done with dating! I had a guy who was sweet who wanted to date me but I told him sorry. I am just fine being alone the rest of my sad little life. I have my dog and my tv boyfriends lol

January 18, 2021

@mermycohea LOL!! Your doggo and Sammy W is all you need eh?