I want sweets!!

Today I feel like eating Skittles or M&M’s bc of the image nods at the still from Tay’s ME! video Instead I will type in a blueberry colored font. 🙂

So, the pain is bearable and I was able to eat a little normally. 😀 I just hurts near my throat… idk why though? I went to sleep in Bees’ room as hers was warmer than mine. She didn’t mind… I just slept in Cyn’s old bed… the reason being is that I was feeling cold without a blanket, I had an accident… so… yeah. I need to get a smart watch that counts my steps, and monitors my weight. So basically a scale attached to my wrist. I am a bit bitter bc Elena is ALWAYS on top of me to get one. Fuck that… I’ll get one later. I am getting a 3DS XL that will count my steps too. 🙁

I need one that will be compatible with my tab which is a Samsung.

I can’t wait to get my 3DS XL. It will be awesome. It’s a bit girly, but idgaf. It’s pink, I’m a tomboy, get over it!! 

I am listening to Green Day ‘Boulevard of Broken Dreams’ soon, I will hear Wheatus bc I have a playlist. Actually I’m on YT on my tab and not Spotify… lol!

There. I have Wheatus on repeat. I love the song ‘Teenaged Dirtbag’ 🙂

This weekend is Galentines Day. I think we might have a house party… just us gloves and two bats (that’s what Bees calls girls and boys … :P) The bats are Ry and Ollie… if you are interested. 😛

So, how are MY gloves and bats?

Ok… I’ll stfu.








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February 9, 2021

I am good. how are you?

February 9, 2021

@jaythesmartone Tired… but after my shower I should be ok. :3

February 9, 2021

glad you are better!


February 9, 2021

@kaliko Me too. 🙂