My friend Er-bear loves Lionel Richie…

I love this song very much… it reminds me of Er-bear. I like him in the Commodores. 🙂 

Today is going to be much like yesterday…. just snoozing, eating, and just futzing about the net… I still need to clean my room. so, might do that later… I hate procrastinating but… actually, no buts. I will clean that room. I just don’t know when bc I have practically no energy.

I am listening to Sia feat. David Guetta … “Flames”. My palm is itchy. Getting money. It’s all going to Bees, bc a) she has a wallet and a purse, and b) I owe her. 🙂 

I am slowly waking up… it’s the clonazepam. I hate that drug but it keeps the crazies away… I don’t have panic attacks so much anymore.

Dopey GIFs | Tenor

Yupp. My favorite dwarf. So cute! 😀

So baes, what up?



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January 27, 2021

I get overwhelmed when I task myself to clean a whole room. So I break it down into smaller tasks. It’ll all get done eventually. Dopey is awesome, but Grumpy is my fav. All that temper and he’s really all heart. Good luck!


January 27, 2021

He had a song in the 80’s I use to sing all the time with my BFF baack then. My mum would yell for us to keep it down lol