Nearly 6a

Good morning! I just got up and I’m listening to Ava Max. 🙂 My friend Pinky introduced me to her. She is a great singer. I like her hair, half shoulder length half down her back. 🙂

If my sister gets her Ghost Bed, then, I can have her metal frame bc mine is broken. It (the bed) is listing to one side. I have a medical mattress bc … well.. I have accidents sometimes… 

If you live in Ontario, what are you doing for Family Day? My sister Wendy is coming … so brother Ry can get some rest. 🙂 If you live elsewhere, what did you do for Family Day?

I am very hungry… I am going to test my blood now. I won’t inject insulin til maybe 7:30a… because I need to be closer to when I eat? I can test my blood bc it’s just a swipe of the meter. I am not doing finger pricks anymore. 🙂 Thank God for that.

My dumbarse neighbor gunned his engine when he went to work.. yet AGAIN.. why do people do that?

I think Wen is coming in with Tim’s. I hope she brings in hot cocoa! 🙂 I mean coffee is ok, but hot cocoa is.. well… 🙂

I’m going back to bed I think….


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1 week ago

I had to look up Family Day.  I like it.  We used to make every Sunday a family day,  The kids would have to stay home and spend the day with us, their parents.  😎

1 week ago

@tracker2020 That’s nice. It is actually a holiday I don’t like really… having not much of a family non?