Monday 19th December 2022

The floor tiler has nearly finished. I had no idea of the disruption. Ideally, we should’ve all moved out for 10 days. We couldn’t go home until 7pm one night and had to hang about in town and go for a meal out. That was another £60. Mavis, Duncan and Hannah and all the dogs were at Fiona’s on Wednesday with nowhere to go. I’ve been ferrying Julian to work because his car doesn’t go in the snow  We’ve had to book a hotel for tomorrow because we can’t walk on the tiles. That was £120. Hannah and dogs going to Fiona’s. Chris is flying off to costa Blanca for a week in the morning but not before he slid off his road and through the neighbour’s fence! He’s managed to get the flat back so he won’t be homeless at Christmas. Richard didn’t deliver the hay, Susie didn’t deliver the straw.

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