037. Merry Christmas, everyone

Merry Christmas.

This is a strange holiday for me this year. There are friends that I normally see that I haven’t this year. There are family members that I normally call that I’m not talking to this year. There are fewer presents under the tree for previously stated reasons.

However, it’s still a good day. Gingerbread is currently cooling in the kitchen. The Bear child is asleep. Our cat has been behaving herself (a Christmas miracle). I have an entire day off with Lev and almost no social commitments. Life is generally good. I guess I’m surprised? I expected to be more lonely than I am, but I guess that it’s all attitude and perspective.

Tomorrow, things will more or less return to normal. There will be more family drama, I’m sure. I’ll go back to work and deal with annoying people.

Today is just quiet, and kinda nice.

Merry Christmas.

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December 26, 2020

Sometimes it can be really nice when things are just simple, ya know? That all sounds relaxing and peaceful.

December 27, 2020

@heffay Yes, it was very nice. I think I’m more suited to simple stuff, anyway. Big, fancy parties stress me out.