053. Hotel rooms, scarves, turtles

Bear has endless energy. She’s currently running from one end of the hotel room to another, turning around, doing it again. She’s already decided that this is the Best Vacation Ever.

We actually haven’t done much. The point was to just get away, and many of the businesses here are closed, temporarily or permanently. Lev, Bear, and I walked around the town about three times already, spent money in some of the shops.

There’s a Tibetan shop I got a scarf from. I love scarves, and I can always think of an excuse to get another one. My new scarf is so beautiful… Black and scarlet and teal…

Lev always gets some t-shirts, and some sort of specialty food to eat later. This time it was special popcorn. Yum.

There’s a stuffed animal shop we went into for Bear. She and I traveled through the whole thing before she settled on a small turtle stuffed animal. She later tried to “brush turtle’s teeth” with my toothbrush. Oh well. I am probably due for a new toothbrush anyway.

After dinner, Lev turned on the tv, and Bear was watching cartoons on her ipad… And it was just… Too. Much. Noise. Like, I felt like I was going to freak out. So, I put on my headphones with a soundtrack of a thunderstorm and sat outside the room for a bit. Eventually, Lev turned off the tv, though he says he doesn’t understand how listening to noise is an improvement from too much noise. I don’t know how to explain it to him.

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April 23, 2021

I can understand the noise thing. Sometimes there is just too much.

I hope you guys have a good time.